The Overland Journal Podcast

Welcome to the Overland Journal Podcast, where we share our experience overlanding on all seven continents, along with our insights into the industry- its technologies, products, and innovations. Each episode features in-depth discussions on topics ranging from equipment to travel destinations. The podcast will feature regular guests and experts, along with intrepid travelers from around the globe. 

Hosts: Scott Brady, Matthew Scott, and Ashley Giordano (See bios below)

Show Notes:
171: Gratitude, Crossing Africa Segment 2, and Equipment / Grenadier Updates 
170: SEMA 2023 Goes Overlanding With Brian McVickers
169: Ibérica Overland on What You Should Know About Overlanding in Spain
168: Understanding the Overland Industry
167: Brian McVickers on Saying Yes to a Life of Adventure
166: Overland News: Fall 2023 featuring the new Land Cruiser, ZR2 Bisons, Minimalist Travel Devices, and More
165: Old School Cool: The Classic Kit of Overlanding
164: Principles of Overlanding: 30 Insights on Traveling the World by Vehicle
163: Great Scott! Random Show About Matt Getting Stuck, Goodwood, and More..
162: Stanley Illman on Exploring the World by Gwagon and Porsche
161: Expedition Rove on Overlanding South Africa and Namibia
160: Principles of Overlanding: Building a 70 Series Land Cruiser
159: Crossing Africa with the Grenadier: South Africa and Mozambique
158: Paul Marsh on Preparing the Vehicle and Yourself for Overland Travel
157: Tom Sheppard on the Nobility of Wilderness, Crossing the Sahara, and Overlanding the Deserts
156: Wes Siler on Travel, Hunting, and the Case for the Ranger
155: Toby Savage on Exploring and Photographing the World by Land Rover and WWII Jeep
154: Principles of Overlanding: Expedition Campers
153: Principles of Overlanding: Navigation
152: Overland Journal is Crossing the African Continent with the Ineos Grenadier
151: Mac MacKenney on Leading Expeditions and Breaking Records
150: Clay Croft on the new XOverland Africa Expedition, and Lessons From the Nordic Series
149: Four Wheeled Nomad on the Pros and Cons of Four Wheels Versus Two
148: Dan Grec on Circumnavigating Australia, and the Importance of Connecting with Family
147: Andrew St. Pierre White Shares the Stories of 4x Overland
146: Our Overland Life Shares the Joys and Skills of Overlanding Full Time
145: Bruce Dorn introduces: The Heroes Network
144: Toyota Just Launched the Ultimate Overland Tacoma
143: Deep Dive on the Ram HD AEV Prospector
142: Overland Testing Mashup: Raptor R, TRX, Grenadier, 4Xe Trailhawk, Defender 130 and more!
141: All the Overlandy Things We Don't Need: A Gear Confessional
140: Randy Perkins on Overcoming Tragedy and Finding Your Path to Adventure
139: Nick Dimbleby on Exploring and Documenting the World by Land Rover
138: Adventure Motorcyclists Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West on Self-Discovery Through Travel
137: Sinuhe Xavier on Living in the Moment of Adventure
136: Sean Holman on Four Wheeling and Finding Your Adventure
135: Principles of Overlanding: Exploring the African Continent
134: Interviewing the Unbreakable Vasilisa Komarova 
133. Ray and Marianne Hyland on Overlanding from London to Singapore in a 1954 Land Rover
132. Principles: The Classic Defender for Overlanding Travel
131. Bruce Dorn on Saying Yes to Life and Adventure
130. Walt Wagner on Building Toyotas for Extreme Overlanding
129. 2022 In Review: Vehicles, Gear, and Industry Updates
128. Liberating Leash on Leaving the Desk for Solo Overlanding 
127. Grenadier Prototype First Off-Road Drive Impressions
126. Akela World on Circumnavigating the Globe in a 1977 Mercedes Benz  LA 911B

125: Tina and Dave Payne on Family Travel and Seizing the Moment
124: Stefano Melgrati on minimalist ADV overlanding and the joys of connection 
123. Neale Bayly on overcoming adversity, surviving war zones, and the joys of giving back
122: Eva Zu Beck on Inspiring Ourselves and Others to Travel the World
121: Yoga Slackers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández 
120: Adventure Chef Adam Glick talks life at sea, and inspiring ways of cooking from his travels
119: Getting Electric with Rivian, Hummer, and Ford
118: Destination: Alaska
117. Overlanding SEMA 2022
116: Ferenc and Evelin of Overland Site on Rallying, the Silk Road, and Overlanding China in a 2006 Prado
115. Amanda Zito on Embracing a Life of Adventure and Facing Anxiety Along the Way
114. Emily Miller discusses Morocco, Navigation, and Rebelle Rally
113. The Turtle Expedition Shares 50 years of Overland Wisdom 
112. Andrew and Courtney of Tsavo Touring on Overlanding with a Toddler and Multiple Vehicle Platforms
111. Ron Moon on His Love for Australia, and Traveling the Globe
110. Graeme Bell on Full-time Family Overlanding
109. GonDirtin on Traveling with Dogs, Overland Kitchen Staples, and their 70-Series Land Cruiser Troopy Build
108. Mali-Mish, a Family of Five on Four Continents
107. Greg Miller on Overlanding Continents and Land Cruisers
106. Bound for Nowhere on the Quest for the Perfect Overland Vehicle, Exploring Alaska, and Realizing Childhood Dreams
105. Alison DeLapp on Exploring the World, and Giving Back Along the Way
104. Overland the Americas on Venezuela, Planning a Long-Term Overland Trip, and their 78-Series Land Cruiser 
103. Staples InTents share their journey to global travel, and saving their marriage along the way
102. Ashley Myhre and Pete Day Talk Raw Overlanding and Motorcycle Travel
101. Clay Croft shares a decade of overland adventure, and their new Nordic series
100. Episode 100 :: Don't Buy a Couch and Other Questions and Musings
99. Mylo Fowler on Finding Your Path to Adventure, and Capturing the Moment
98. Candice and Jordan of Be Old Later on Traveling the Pan-American in a 1997 Mitsubishi Delica
97. The Wedge Camper Revolution
96. Zenvanz Founders Bryan and Jen Danger on Overcoming Fear and Living Your Dreams
95. Brad McCarthy on Australia, Land Cruisers, and Having Fun Along the Journey
94: Principles of Overlanding :: The Toyota Tundra for Overlanding
93. Overland Journal Editor In Chief Tena Overacker on Submitting the Perfect Pitch
92. Overland Destination: South America
91. Principles of Overlanding :: The Toyota Pickup
90. Bryon Bass on watches, EDC, BMWs, and Travel Clothing
89. Overland Destination: Saudi Arabia 
88. Fridge/Freezers and soft coolers for Overlanding
87. Saudi 4x4 shop 4 Wheel Station, Interview with Luai Alsheheli
86. Is the new Hummer EV the Ultimate Superlander?
85: Best Ground Tents for Overlanding
84: John Pangilinan Shares Insights on Content Creation and Sponsorships
83: Mario Donovan on Building Expedition Vehicles and the Joys of International Cuisine
82. Marcel and Chiara of Overland Vagabond
81. Nena Barlow talks essential skills for backcountry overlanding
80. Christian Pelletier on Not Taking Traveling the World so Seriously 
79. Dave Harriton (AEV) on Why Innovation, Quality, and Adventure Matters
78. Ashley Giordano interviews Brazilian overlanders Sergio and Eleni of Projecto Mundo Cao
77. Full Size Overland Truck of the Year
76. Scott Brady interviews Sean Gorman, discussing travel and expeditions around the globe
75. 2021 Gear of the Year 
74. 7 Of The Best Camp Tables for Overlanding 
73. Interviewing Nick Taylor
72. Interviewing Scott Brady, Overlander and Publisher
71. Interviewing Bill Dragoo, Global Adventure Rider, Trainer, and Storyteller 
70. Portable Power Systems: The Best Off-grid Batteries for Overland Travel and Vanlife
69. Interviewing Rachelle Croft, Competitive driver and Global Overlander
68. Interviewing Bryon Dorr: Adventurer, Athlete, and Overlander
67. Ashley Giordano interviews Marisa and Tim Notiers of NOTIER'S FRONTIERS
66. The Overland Expo Podcast: What and Who Makes This Event Amazing? 
65. Rebelle Rally 2021
64. Jim Markel, gear designer and global overlander
63. Luisa Bell Global adventurer and overlander 
62. Interviewing Duncan Barbour, Camel Trophy Coordinator and Global Overlander
61. First Drives of the 2022 Tundra, Tacoma, Hummer and More
60. Expo and Trek Podcast with Bryon Dorr
59. Interviewing Richard Giordano About the Joys of Overlanding, and a Simple Vehicle
58. Expedition Sailing and Overlanding with Brian McVickers
57. Interviewing Ashley Giordano: Adventurer, Journalist, and Overlander
56. 2021 Bronco Badlands Sasquatch for Overlanding
55. 2022 Nissan Frontier and the State of Mid-Sized Pickups
54. Building the LJ and TJ Jeep Wrangler for Overlanding
53. Grand Tour Overlanding
52. Interviewing Hourless Life on overlanding around the globe as a family- in a Jeep.
51. Interviewing Paul May, Land Cruiser Owner and Overland OG
50. What is the best Overland Expedition Camper?
49. Interviewing Sterling Noren, film maker and adventure motorcyclist
48. Discussing the Grenadier with Greg Clark, VP of Ineos Automotive
47. Interviewing Eva Rupert, Adventurer, Survivalist, and Overlander
46. Interview with Maggie McDermut, Land Cruiser owner and adventurer
45. Interview with Bryon Bass, Explorer, Archaeologist, Vintner, and Overlander
44. Interview with Amanda Winther and Matt Swartz on living remotely, taking to the winds, and doing good as they go.
43. Interview with Dave Soza: Polymath, engineer and wanderer 
42. Interview with Mauricio Escobar on Overlanding in Colombia
41. Interview with Sinuhe Xavier: film maker, photographer and global traveler 
40. Insights on International Overlanding39. Interview with Justin and Kyra of Westx1000 
38. Principles of Tires and Wheels
37. Winter Vehicle Update
36. The Best Overland Gear of 2021
35. Principles of Overlanding Vehicle Recovery Part 2
34. Principles of Overlanding: Vehicle Recovery Part 1
33. Interview with Kurt Williams, Overlander and Land Cruiser Guru 
32. Planning Your First Overland Journey
31. Jon Turner, Camper Engineer and Overlander
30. The Overlander's Every Day Carry
29. Field Testing the Gladiator Mojave, AT4 Yukon, ARB Ranger, Ford Transit AWD, and more
28. Overland Project Updates: GX470, Gladiator, KTM 950, and a Few Surprises 
27. Discussing Overlanding, Safaris, and Photography with Andy Biggs 
26. Why Full-Size Trucks Should Be Seriously Considered for Overlanding
25. Storage Solutions For Overlanding
24. Discussing Expedition Campers and Crossing Jungles with Lance Gillies
23. 50 Years of Range Rover
22. Exploring Business and the World With Chris Van Dyke
21. Interviewing Matt Scott
20. Principles of Overlanding: The Basic Overland Gear Everyone Should Have. 
19. Exploring Swaziland with a Rock Star and an Infantryman
18. Principles of Overlanding: What is overland? 
17. Overlanding Around the World With Your Family, Featuring Graeme Bell
16. Principles of Overlanding: Rooftent vs. Ground Tent vs. Wedge Camper vs. Sleeping in the Vehicle
15. Review of the new 2020 Defender
14. Bruce Dorn, Photographer and Cinematographer 
13. The Real Indiana Jones, Dr. Bryon Bass 
12. Vanlife and Overlanding (with Brittney Bloch and Chris Cordes)
11. Overland Planning and Logistics with David Sneath, Land Rover Expedition Leader
10. The Ultimate Overland Vehicles 
9.   Principles of Overlanding: Payload
8.   Are Electric Vehicles the Future of Overlanding?
7.   Building the Jeep Gladiator for overlanding
6.   Lois Pryce, Adventure Motorcyclist
5.   The 10 Commandments of Overland Vehicle Modification
4.   The Top 10 Used Overland Vehicles
3.   Clay Croft of XOverland
2.   Overlanding Australia
1.   Dan Grec of the Road Chose Me (Overlanding Africa)

Host Bios: 

Scott Brady
Scott is the publisher and co-founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal and is often credited with popularizing overlanding in North America. His travels by 4WD and adventure motorcycle span all seven continents and includes three circumnavigations of the globe. His polar expeditions include two vehicle crossings of Antarctica and the first long-axis crossing of Greenland. @scott.a.brady

Matthew Scott
Matthew is a leading expert in automotive adventure. He has extensively explored the world's most remote places by 4WD and is considered an industry authority on overland travel. He is the only American to ever become an editor of a major Australian 4WD publication and has over 15 years of competitive auto racing experience. @mattexplore

Ashley Giordano
Ashley recently completed a 48,800-kilometer overland journey from Vancouver, Canada, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her husband, Richard, in their well-loved but antiquated Toyota Pickup. On the zig-zag route south, she hiked craggy peaks in the Andes, discovered diverse cultures in 15 different countries, and indulged in spicy ceviche, Baja fish tacos, and Argentinian malbec. You can usually find Ashley buried in a pile of travel books, poring over maps, or researching wild medicinal plants. Ashley grew up in Kelowna, British Columbia, and spent much of her youth as a competitive figure skater. She worked as a paralegal for eight years while completing a diploma in holistic nutrition. She is currently studying herbal medicine with a focus on women’s health. @desktoglory_ash