Spring 2024


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Canada by Storm: Endless Horizons Framed by Pristine Nature, Akela World
Ultra Overlanders: The Era of Grand Tour Overlanding is Here, Scott Brady
Five Emotions from Ukraine: A Journey of Discovery, Neale Bayly
Meal Bars: On-the-go Energy to Keep Adventure Top of Mind, Lucie Hanes
Utah's White Rim: A Beginner's Tale on an Overlanding Classic, David Harden
Feature Vehicle: 1955 Citroën 11CV, Ashley Giordano
The Meat Trail: A Pilgrimage Across the Americas, Richie and Abigail Gubler,
Historic: By Bus Through Botswana, Roger Gaisford



The Feed
Field Tested
Overland News
Jeff Schell
On the Hunt for Gooseberries, Paul Driscoll
Overland Conservation:
Beaches and Oceans, Brittany Highland
The Principles of Overlanding, Scott Brady
Overland Chef:
Chocolate Salted Dulce de Leche Crisps, Glenna Barron
Tail Lamp:
Memories of Kenya, Stephen R. Thomas


On the cover: Who needs a Land Cruiser when you have a 1955 Citroën? Heading to the first dunes of the Sahara in Morocco. Photo by Etienne Muslin

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