Spring 2023

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The Black Hills: South Dakota Is Loaded with History and Heart, Heather Lea
Electric Overlanding: Testing the New Crop of EV Trucks, Scott Brady
Land of Pura Vida: Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast, Nimi Natan
TransAmerica Trail: Life Lessons from the Dirt Roads, Marianne Todd
Kruger National Park: South Africa's Great Lady, Shirli Jade Carswell
Made in the USA: Quality Gear to Last a Lifetime, Graeme Bell
Feature Vehicle: 1985 Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser, Ashley Giordano
Unbreakable: One Woman's Six-year Journey to Justice, Bruce Dorn
Travel By Scooter: Exploring Three Continents in the 1950s, Ashley Giordano
Damages Sustained: A Primer for the Trail; A Primer for Life, Ryan Stevens
Border Shock: An Overlanding Family's Nightmare, Chris Simon


Field Tested
Overland News
Latitude, Sinuhe Xavier
Skills: Worldschooling, Brittany Highland
Gear Gone Wrong: Scorpions, Gnats, and Fairy Dust, Bill Dragoo
Overland Chef: Wurstnudeln, Akela World
Classic Kit: The Mighty Military Dodge M37, Graeme Bell
Tail Lamp: Fajitas on the Edge, Arden Kysely


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Navigating through the dune erg in eastern Morocco was a delicate act of surfing sandy waves, sometimes taking two steps back for every three steps forward. Photo by Sinuhe Xavier

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