Spring 2020


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Operation Overland: Retracing the Steps of Allied Troops in Normandy, Lyn Woodward
Expedition Campers: Remote Living Need Not Be Primitive, Scott Brady
Backdoor to Machu Picchu: An Advantageous Divergent Tack, Karin-Marijke Vis
1967 Nissan Patrol: A Sensible Alternative to a Land Cruiser, Chad Kirchner
Flaming Gorge: One of Utah_s Hidden Secrets, Laura Krafthefer
Field Watches: Classic and New Timepieces, Bryon Bass
Feature Vehicle: Brüder_s EXP-6, Chris Cordes


The Feed, Field Tested

Latitude, Simon and Lisa Thomas, Destinations: Panama, Kira Hak, Overland Routes: Nova Scotia, Chris Cordes, Photography: Pantastic, Tom Sheppard, Skills: Travel Packing Hacks, Shannon O_Donnell, Overland Chef: Eggplant Stew, Nikos Dimitriou and Georgia Micheli, Tail Lamp: Bear Spray, S.K. Davis

On the Cover

Coen and Karin-Marijke of LandCruising Adventure, self-proclaimed slowest overlanders on the planet, stop for a moment in downtown Moray, Peru, while on the backdoor route to Machu Picchu. Photo by Coen Wubbles

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