Fall 2023


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Nepal's Upper Mustang: Forbidden Kingdoms Bring Big Magic, Lisa Morris
Stow It: Class-leading Exterior Hard Storage Cases, Chris Cordes
Colorado's Million Dollar Highway: Views for Miles, Marianne Todd
Arabian Sands: Crossing the Emirates in the Land Rover Defender 130, Scott Brady
Feature Vehicle: 1990 Toyota Pickup, Richard Giordano
Survivors: Nigeria, Murder, and Mayhem, Graeme Bell
Crossing the Devil: First EV Traverse of America's Longest Trail by Hummer, Scott Brady
Historic: Frank and Helen Schreider's Amphibious Jeep, Ashley Giordano



The Feed
Field Tested
Latitude, Frieda Maelle
Overland Routes: Chile's Atacama Desert, Karin-Marike Vis
Overland Conservation: Idaho Overland Association, Ashley Giordano
Skills: Learn to Survive Come Rain or Shine, Graeme Bell
Classic Kit: Plus Fours Routefinder Watch, Ashley Giordano
Overland Chef: Berry Datschi, Akela Worid
Tail Lamp: Changed Forever, Chris Simon


On the cover: Navigating the sand sea requires a watchful eye, dancing the line between momentum and grabbing a shovel. Photo by Nick Dimbleby

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