Fall 2013


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Overland Expo, James Langan and Chris Collard
Into Oblivion: Icelandic Crossing of Europe’s Largest Glacier, Scott Brady
Ground Anchor Comparison, Chris Collard and Ned Bacon
Border to Border: Crossing the Continental Divide, Bill Alspach
Long-term Tundra, part II, James Langan
Going Wild in Patagonia, Ron Moon
Vehicle Feature: 2013 BMW R1200 GSW, Iain Glynn


Overland Post, Editor’s Column, Publisher’s Column, News from the Trade, Overland News, Latitude, Overland Conservation - Alice Gugelev, Overland Medicine: Seafood Toxidromes - Dr. Jon Solberg, Skills: Ground Anchors - Chris Collard, Overland Chef: The Breakfast Burrito - Chris Collard, Tail Lamp: Racing to Become a Better Overlander - Ray Hyland

On the Cover

The Expeditions7 team navigates Langjökull, Europe’s largest glacier. Photo by Sinuhe Xavier. (Back cover: It’s not all ice and black sand in Iceland. Photo by Sinuhe Xavier.)


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