Winter 2022


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Georgia: A Country as Diverse as Its People, Olivia Casari and Victor Michaud
Bed Racks: An Evaluation of Six Leading Models, Scott Brady and Matt Swartz
Jumping Into the Unknown: One Story Ends, Another Begins, Brendon and Kira Hak
Feature Vehicle: 1978 Porsche 924, Ashley Giordano
Objective Reasoning: A Week in the Chihuahuan Desert, Luke Garrett
Favorite Kit: Opinel Knives, Graeme Bell
The Orkney Islands: Cradled in Windswept Moments of History, Lisa Morris
Historic, By Jeep Through Botswana, Roger Gaisford


The Feed
Field Tested
Latitude, Rhyan McLaury
What's in Your Drawers?: Expedition Rove's Land Rover Defender 110, Ashley Giordano
Destinations: Saudi Arabia, Ashley Giordano
Photography: Capture Moving Subjects Like a Pro, Lisa Morris
Overland Medicine: Over-the-Counter Field Pharmacy, Dr. Jon S. Solberg, MD, FAWM
Skills: Overland Driving, Sean Gorman
Classic Kit: Over-the-Snow Transportation, Paul J. Driscoll
Overland Chef: Big Brekky Sanga, Harry Fisher
Tail Lamp: Near Catastrophe in Colombia, Mary Hollendoner


On the cover

The strength of nature is sometimes frightening in the Caucasus Mountains, but it reminds you how much life is worth living.
Photo by Olivia Casari and Victor Michaud

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