Gear 2021


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Between the Andes and the Sky: The Other Roof of the World, Chris Torlasco
Overland SUV of the Year: Selecting the Ultimate Adventure Wagon, Scott Brady
Only the Lonely: Remote Border Crossing by Lake Turkana, Dan Grec
Thinking Outside the Oven: Camp Kitchen Cooking Solutions, Matt Swartz
Feature Vehicle: The Ryovan Project Sprinter Conversion, Ashley Giordano
Going Soft Means Going Light: Motorcycle Soft Luggage, Arden Kysely
Historic Overland Journey: First Amphibious Crossing of Bering Strait, Mac Mackenney
Project Vehicle: 1994 BMW R 100 GS Paris–Dakar, Bryon Bass


The Feed
Field Tested
Overland Routes: The Lost Coast of California, Scott Brady
Overland Conservation: Leading by Example, Sustainable Brands, Åsa Björklund
Overland Medicine: Global Travel in a Pandemic World, Dr. Jon S. Solberg, MD, FAWM
Skills: Propane—It’s a Gas, Gary Wescott
Classic Kit: The Little Bread Loaf That Could, Russia’s UAZ-452, Alex H. Pflaum
Overland Chef: Shrimp Boil Foil Packet, Fresh Off the Grid
Tail Lamp: San Felipe Blues, Nicholas Bratton

On the Cover

An amphibious Land Rover 110, piloted by Steve Burgess with Dan Evans on lookout, makes it way through the
dense fog of the Bering Strait halfway between Little Diomede Island and Wales, Alaska. The culmination of seven years of planning
and a seven-month overland expedition finally sees the pair earn their place in the record books. Photo by Mac Mackenney




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