Fall 2020


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Returning to Our Roots: Branching out in California, Laysea Hughes
Hard-shell Tents: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff, Chris Cordes and Scott Brady
Redemption Rally: Navigating the Rebelle, Lyn Woodward
Feature Vehicle: Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4, Chris Cordes
Finding the Way Home: Living in a Jeep as a Means to a Way, Morgan Sjogren 
Photography Platforms: Solid Support for Stills and Cinema, Bruce Dorn
Historic Overland Journey: Searching for the Lost City in Botswana, Roger Gaisford


The Feed, Field Tested, Latitude, Benyamin Senkal, Destinations: Brazil, Karin-Marijke Vis, Life on the Road: Water Safety Basics, Tyler Bech, Overland Conservation: No Monkey Business, Åsa Björklund, Skills: Adventure Motorcycling, Chris Scott, Overland Chef: Chilaquiles, Morgan Sjogren, Tail Lamp: Downsizing, M. John Fayhee


On the Cover

The heavy G-Wagen, bogged in deep sand near the Morocco-Algeria border. Photo by Benyamin Senkal




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