Summer 2024


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Table of Contents


Hiking in the Pamirs: Experienced Overlanders Explore Kyrgyzstan on Foot, Karin-Marijke Vis
Prometheus Unbound: Portable Fire Pits, Stephan Edwards and Tena Overacker
Crossing Continents: Cape of Needles, Cederberg Range to Cape Agulhas, Scott Brady
Minimalist Wallets: Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet, Watch, Lucie Hanes
Canyon Reunion: Connections Forged in California, Nicholas Bratton
Solo Ride Goes South: Lady Luck Rides Pillion in Botswana, Joe Fleming
Getting Unstuck: Recovery Items to Keep You Moving, Gary Wescott


The Feed
Field Tested
Latitude: James Barkman
Modern Explorers: Reza Pakravan, Ashley Giordano
Favorite Kit: Recovery Items to Keep You Moving, Gary Wescott
What’s in Your Drawers?: Sinuhe Xavier, Simplicity in Motion, Tena Overacker
Destinations: Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, Ashley Giordano
Overland Routes: Oregon’s Desert Country, Stephan Edwards
Classic Kit: Royal Geographical Society, Ashley Giordano
Overland Chef: Low and Slow Ragu, Kirianna Poole
Tail Lamp: Near-death Valley, Samuel Odio

Contributing Editors:
Nicholas Bratton, Joe Fleming, Richard Giordano, Lucie Hanes, Lisa Morris, Samuel Odio, Kirianna Poole, Winston Ross, Karin-Marijke Vis, Gary and Monika Wescott

Contributing Photographers:
James Barkman, Mark Game, Richard Giordano, Kevin Merrey, Coen Wubbels 

On the cover:
Who needs a Land Cruiser when you have a 1955 Citroën? Heading to the first dunes of the Sahara in Morocco. Photo by Etienne Muslin

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