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Overland Journal is a perfect-bound magazine printed on high-quality stock, published five times per year. From a premier-issue length of 96 pages, we have increased to the current 140 pages. Our cap on advertising content of just 30 percent, well below the national average, ensures ample editorial space for in-depth coverage of equipment and vehicles, as well as full-length feature trip stories that span the globe. That same 30-percent cap also guarantees high visibility for our carefully selected advertising partners.

Our strict standards for writing and photography, in addition to our striking layout, means that our subscribers receive an expedition and adventure travel magazine that is at once inspiring, informative, and attractive. That inspiration carries over into enthusiasm for the premium products offered by our advertisers, who consistently report outstanding results from their placements in Overland Journal.

Editorial Overview

Editorial Profile

Overland Journal is dedicated to environmentally responsible expedition travel and exploration in North America and around the world. Featuring 140 pages of adventure travel stories, equipment reviews, expedition vehicles, and conservation news, Overland Journal is setting new standards in adventure travel journalism. Our international editorial staff collects the most captivating and informative stories ever seen in a vehicle-centered publication.

Editorial Information

Overland Journal publishes major expedition accounts from every corner of the globe, as well as stories about easily accessible journeys close to home. We also conduct in-depth equipment reviews accomplished via exhaustive field testing, with a top choice selected by the editor, and comments from each reviewer.



Our driving goal, and the foundation on which Overland Journal was conceived. We strive to promote overland exploration, cultural interaction, and habitat and wildlife protection, while reducing our impact on the planet through responsible driving techniques, and vehicle choices and modifications to reduce fuel consumption.

Medical Column

Written by and in consultation with physicians who have on-the-ground third-world medical experience; we delve into every aspect of expedition medicine.

Best of Breed

A survey of the highest-quality choices in a particular type of gear, from flashlights to footwear.

Historical Expeditions

We relate the stories of pioneers in the overland world from every continent.

Feature Vehicles

We highlight expedition vehicles that display outstanding attention to practical and useful modifications for reliable and comfortable overland travel.

Field Tested

Exploring the newest gear for overlanding.

Project Vehicles

Follow along as we modify both current and classic choices in expedition platforms, from Series Land Rovers to current adventure motorcycles.