Matt Scott shares details and insights about selecting the best Gladiator model to purchase and how to modify it for backcountry travel, including suspension, tires and wheels, bumpers, and overland campers. 

What Makes the Jeep Gladiator So Special? 
1. Jeep Capability
2. Proper payload, easily greater than most of its competitors.
3. Easily modified for a wide range of conditions.
4. Solid front and rear axles with available locking differentials. 
5. Available manual transmission
6. Available diesel motor (late 2020) 

What is the best model Gladiator for overland travel?
Matt- The Rubicon because of the locking differentials and other accessories like swaybar disconnect, etc. 
Scott- The Sport with the Max Tow Package. 

Some Inspiration:
The XOverland Odin, built by Clay Croft and his team
Jeep Gladiator Wayout

Matt had the factory Mopar 2-inch suspension lift installed, which he has been happy with, save the rear Fox shocks. The spring rate is appropriate for Matt's load, but the rear shocks were valved for an unloaded truck. As a result, the blow through the available travel (rebound was also lacking). 

Scott and Matt discuss other suspension options, and Matt is most anticipating the AEV kit due to proper spring rates and history of good valving. However, that kit is not currently available. Old Man Emu was also discussed as a good option, but it is also not available. The only kit currently on the market that meets Matt's expectations is the Icon Vehicle Dynamics kit. 

Tires and Wheels?
Matt chose the Method Racing wheels in bronze, and selected the Falken A/T3W in 37" diameter. 

Warn Zeon 10-S

Camping Accessories?
AT Overland Habitat  (The camper that Matt chose)
The FiftyTen Camper
Patriot Campers PCOR System

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Host Bios:  
Scott Brady
Scott is the publisher and co-founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal, and is often credited with popularizing overlanding in North America. His travels by 4WD and adventure motorcycle span all seven continents and include three circumnavigations of the globe. His polar travels include two vehicle crossings of Antarctica and the first long-axis crossing of Greenland. @globaloverland

Matthew Scott
Matthew is a leading expert in automotive adventure. He has extensively explored the world's most-remote places by 4WD, and is considered an industry authority on overland travel. Matt is the only American to ever become an editor of a major Australian 4WD publication, and has over 15 years of competitive auto racing experience. @mattexplore