Le Monde pour Passager (Last Call) Le Monde pour Passager (Last Call)
Le Monde pour Passager (Last Call) Le Monde pour Passager (Last Call)
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Le Monde pour Passager (Last Call)

size: 13.00 W × 2.00 H × 11.00 L

Le Monde pour Passager: The crossing of a lone motorist to Far East Russia

Departing alone by car in June 2006, Marc Mellet expected to take seven months to traverse the 50000 kilometers and the twenty countries that lie between Paris and the Peninsular of Kamtchatka just below the Bering Strait.

Marc will never see the beauty of Kamtchatka but will reach Magadan in the winter. The uncertainties of the journey will give reason to all the plans made in the two years of preperation, so much so that the fourteen months of the journey will give him plenty of adventures, anecdotes, and encounters. "Le Monde pour Passager" has not only been a tecnichal adventure, it has also been a human adventure. It is because Marc left alone that he was better able to be open to others. 

Between 40°c in the Iranian desert and the -45°c in the Russian winter, the temperature range was 85 degrees. With the car rolling over twice when only a few kilometers from Magadan and the thousands of encounters, each more enriching than the last one, the internal range of this journey has also been of an incredible magnitude.

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