Show Notes for Podcast Episode #11
Notes from the Field: Land Rover Overland Planning and Logistics

Notes from the Field (Location Namibia). Scott discusses planning and logistics with Land Rover Expedition Leader David Sneath. David has worked in Land Rover engineering, managed the Land Rover Experience teams, and executed on remote expeditions for the brand, including the G4 series. We discuss lessons learned from Emma Easter, Senior Officer of Global Planning and Events, and David on keeping overlanding teams healthy, preparing the vehicles, and planning routes around the globe. Note: Matt Scott was off exploring Namibia with a VDJ79, and was not available for this episode.2020 Defender Africa

Emma Easter- Senior Office, Global Planning and Events
David Sneath- Land Rover Expedition Leader, Director Land Rover Experience (previous), Vehicle Engineer (previous) 

MKIII Range Rover
 (The Range Rover that David helped engineer, and then he subsequently managed the G4 Challenge) 

G4 Challenge Land Rover Events

Land Rover Experience, Eastnor
Note: Overland Journal highly recommends 4WD and overland training for all that intend to explore remotely. 

David's Vehicle Preparation Advise
Spec the vehicle correctly from the factory 
Additional spare wheels/tires if remote
Recovery boards 
Recovery equipment including multiple lengths of straps, and a KERR (Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope)
Proper tires for the conditions

Emma's Team Health Advice
Keep people talking
Stop often to fuel the body and hydrate
Ensure the other drivers are engaged through radio coms 

David's Trip Planning Advice
Research the area and route
Read about the culture, conditions, weather, and other considerations
Talk with others that have been there, but ensure they have the right perspective and experience 
Respect the local cultures

Emma's Trip Planning Advice
Preparation is key, but know that despite planning, things can and likely will change (this is Africa after all) 
Remain calm and keep an eye on stress levels
Speak with the other team members regularly 

Host Note: 
The term "expedition" in this podcast is intended to be descriptive, not defining. What helps add the expedition element is the lengths that Land Rover goes to give back to the local communities and support local charities like Tusk. They are journeys with a purpose. . .