Show Notes for Podcast Episode #26
Why Full-Size Trucks Should Be Seriously Considered for Overlanding

Scott Brady and Matt Scott discuss the benefits of full-size trucks for overland travel, including their massive payload, diesel drive train, and cavernous space. We dive deep into the best models and aftermarket support for the platforms, along with pros and cons of traveling in a North American pickup. 


Why the Full-Size?

Payload! Payload! Payload! (with models ranging from a metric ton to nearly 8,000 pounds!)
Commercial Grade Design and Construction
Storage Volume
Application Flexibility, from running trails, to installing a full global camper 
Still fits in a container
Same size as most third world delivery trucks like the Fuso, etc. 

Why Not
They might not fit on some trails
They are not global platforms, so service can be a challenge 
Difficulty driving them and parking them in cities AND small villages
They are not typically as reliable as a Toyota or Nissan option

Notable Models:
Ford Tremor Package


Ram Prospector From AEV

Ram Power Wagon

Global Expedition Vehicles Ram with Camper 


Matt’s Top Pick?
Crew cab AEV Prospector

Scott’s Top Pick?
Regular cab 3500 RAM with a manual transmission 2018. Most likely a tray with a Fourwheel camper and the AEV catalog tossed at it.

Premium Aftermarket Support
American Expedition Vehicles

Overland Upfitters
AT Overland
EarthCruiser EXD
Fourwheel Camper
Go Fast Camper
Goose Gear and 50Ten

Turtle Expedition circumnavigated the planet with a Ford F350