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Fall 2017 Fall 2017 Fall 2017 Fall 2017 Fall 2017

Fall 2017

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Desert Heart: Travels in Arabia, David Braden Horn
Water Treatment Systems, Christophe Noel
Soul Food: Getting Lost in Southern Utah, S.K. Davis
The Guinea Gamble: Exploring the West African Jungle, Dan Grec
Facilitate Your Own Private Oasis: Desert Gear, Sam Watson
The Unknown Side of Afghanistan, Roy Rudnick
The Modern Campaign Camp, Christophe Noel


The Feed, Editor’s Column, Publisher’s Project, Field Tested, Latitude, Chris Van Loan, Destinations: Cuba, Clark White, Overland Routes: New Mexico and the Continental Divide, Chris Cordes, Overland Conservation: Rescue Dogs Turned Rescuers, Åsa Björklund, Photography: Night Moves, Chris Collard, Overland Chef: Shakshuka, Fresh off the Grid, Classic Kit: The Motorcycle Jacket, Christophe Noel, Tail Lamp: From Faux pas to Chutzpah, Marnie Devereux

On the Cover

Crossing a washed-out bridge in the African jungle of Guinea. Photo by Dan Grec.

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