Show Notes for Podcast Episode #22
Exploring Business and the World With Chris Van Dyke

Scott interviews the global explorer and business leader Chris Van Dyke. Chris has traveled the world by sailboat, motorcycle, and 4WD, mixing adventure with his skills as a leader and entrepreneur. Chris served in senior positions at Nike and Patagonia, and also founded NAU clothing. We discuss lessons learned sailing to Antarctica, building a Sportsmobile Mercedes Sprinter, and traveling by motorcycle to Ushuaia. 

Books Referenced in the Podcast:
Let My People Surf, by Yvon Chouinard
The Man's Search for Meaning, by Victor Frankl 
The Emerald Mile, by Kevin Fedarko
Desert Solitaire, by Edward Abbey

Chris as a Business Thought Leader:
Harvard Business Review Article on Tapping Customer Passions

As District Attorney, Chris led several high profile cases, including the I-5 Bandit 

Chris' Overland Vehicles:
Mercedes Sprinter SWB low top Built by Sportsmobile 
BMW 1200 GS Adventure