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07.2010 | Prescott, AZ

Overland Journal Included with Every Order of Mountain Khakis

“We’ve found a natural connection with Mountain Khakis”

Overland Journal, the publication for environmentally responsible, worldwide vehicle-supported expedition and adventure travel, has partnered with Mountain Khakis to give a copy of Overland Journal to Mountain Khaki wearers.

Working closely with apparel manufacturer Mountain Khakis, Overland Journal will be placing a complimentary copy of its publication into 2,000 Mountain Khaki orders. Beginning with the Spring 2010 issue, the program will run for a total of four issues: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, with 500 copies of each issue given to Mountain Khaki customers.

“We’ve found a natural connection with Mountain Khakis,” says Brian McVickers, director of business development at Overland Journal. “A couple of years ago they found out our staff was wearing their pants and we found out they were reading Overland Journal; ever since we’ve had a great time working with Mountain Khakis. We’re honored to have the chance to provide a copy of Overland Journal to Mountain Khaki enthusiasts.”

Jen Taylor, PR Manager for Mountain Khakis, said, “How thrilled would you be to receive a complimentary Overland Journal - unexpectedly - in a shipment of Mountain Khakis? That’s what we said, too. When the crew at Overland Journal approached us with the idea, we jumped at the opportunity. Overland Journal and MK have adventured together in the field for years. We wanted to share that partnership with our MK customers as well. A mighty gesture from our friends at Overland Journal!

About Mountain Khakis

Design. Quality. Consistency. Authenticity. What started as a casual conversation at the Shady Lady Saloon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has become the outdoor industry’s top-performing ‘bottoms’ brand. Established in 2003 and based in Jackson Hole, Mountain Khakis quickly became a staple in the wardrobe of everyone from ranch hands to golf pros, those who travel by jet, as well as those who travel by thumb. The Mountain Khakis brand story continues to resonate as it connects to the enthusiast who believes that freedom and rugged adventure is a way of life. www.mountainkhakis.com


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