Overland Journal

10.2010 | Prescott, AZ

Overland Journal Searchable Index of Every Back-Issue

Allows users to search using keywords such as title, author and photographer

Overland Journal, the publication for environmentally responsible, worldwide vehicle-supported expedition and adventure travel, has developed an online searchable database of every single back issue.

The searchable index is based on the simple-to-use wiki platform, and allows users to search using a wide range of keywords, including article title, author, and photographer. Currently it spans from our premier issue of Spring 2007 through Summer 2010. Each new issue of Overland Journal will be added as it is published.


Started in 2007, Overland Journal is an archive quality, journal format publication dedicated to expedition travel and exploration in North America and around the world. Published five times per year with a circulation of 10,000 copies and an international audience, Overland Journal features 128 pages of expedition vehicles, travel stories, equipment reviews, conservation and industry news and breathtaking photography. Overland Journal is setting new standards in adventure travel journalism. Learn more about Overland Journal

Contact Ray Hyland, Director of PR and Marketing, at (928) 777-8567 or for more information.

Screenshot of Overland Journal's new searchable index