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10.2009 | Prescott, AZ

Overland Journal partners with Quattro x Quattro magazine to publish in Italy

We look forward to continuing to grow and translate Overland Journal into many other languages.

Overland Journal, the publication for environmentally conscious worldwide vehicle based expedition and adventure travel has partnered with Quattro x Quattro magazine in Italy to translate and publish Overland Journal content.

Overland Journal and the popular Italian four wheel drive magazine Quattro x Quattro have partnered to provide Overland Journal content to the Italian Market. For several years Overland Journal has had a modest customer base in Italy with several subscribers receiving the publication. Now, working with Quattro x Quattro, Overland Journal is having select content translated into Italian and published within the pages of their leading 4WD magazine.

Scott Brady, Publisher of Overland Journal commented, "We are very enthusiastic about this opportunity to broaden our international reach. Overlanding is a well-established method of travel in many parts of the world and a growing form of recreational travel in others. With subscribers on every continent and in dozens of countries we look forward to continuing to grow and translate Overland Journal into many other languages."

The first example of this partnership was a reprint of the Overland Journal winch comparison from the Gear Guide 2009. The article was translated into Italian and published in the Quattro x Quattro's September 2009 issue. Well received by its audience, expect more content to be offered in Italian in the future.

About Quattro x Quattro

Based in Rome, Quattro x Quattro is one of the leading offroad and SUV focused monthly publications in Italy.


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