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06.2011 | Prescott, AZ

Overland Journal Hires New Graphic Designer: Chazz Layne

Adventurous Designer Joins Rapidly Growing Publication.

Chazz Layne, Designer, Photographer, and Adventurer, has joined the growing Overland Journal team.

Chazz blames his eclectic youth for where he finds himself today. "I was the only child of two recovering hippies, so I grew up traveling. We may not have had a VW bus with flowered stickers, but the spirit was there."

That free spirit has carried Chazz through 12 years as a professional designer, first as team-lead for a large company, and eventually running his own agency.

"Those early days of exploring the Appalachian Mountains, swimming in the Gulf, or just wandering through the cities of the West set the tone for me. When I eventually bought my own 4x4 and discovered the isolation and beauty of the Southwest Deserts I realized I needed to find a way to combine my passions of design and Overland Travel."

"Overland Journal has been a source of inspiration for me from the first issue. Both as a traveler and a designer. I know everyone says it, but joining the Journal really is a dream job for me" said Layne.

And according to Overland Journal President Stephanie Brady, the feeling is mutual. "We've been watching Chazz' work for a long time now. He's worked in the past for our sister company, the Expedition Portal, and we were all impressed, so when this role opened up we immediately knew Chazz was the right guy for the job."

Chazz will be based in the Journal's Prescott offices, and when he isn't there chances are you can find him tinkering with his Land Rover, or driving it across the desert together with his wife of 11 years, Danielle.


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Chazz Layne, Designer, Photographer, and Adventurer