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10.2009 | Prescott, AZ

Overland Journal Completes Water Filter and Purifier Test

The most comprehensive and decisive water filter and purifier review ever conducted in North America.

Overland Journal, the publication for environmentally conscious worldwide vehicle based expedition and adventure travel, has published the most comprehensive and decisive water filter and purifier review ever conducted in North America. Twelve units were tested and evaluated by Overland Journal's staff scientist using an accredited laboratory.

The Fall 2009 issue of Overland Journal contains a comprehensive 20-page water filter and purifier test that evaluates the units for their use in overlanding, which often involves unsupported travel into remote areas of the world. The test, performed by Graham Jackson, reviews 12 different water filters and purifiers from MSR, General Ecology, HydroPhoton, Lifesaver Systems, Katadyn, Cascade Designs, 3M, and Doulton. The test units were divided into two categories: personal, for hiking, motorcycle, bicycle or short-term vehicle use, and group, for larger-volume, longer-term use.

The tests were designed not to verify or refute manufacturer claims but rather to evaluate real world performance. Lab tests were focused on three areas important to overlanding: elimination of organisms, elimination of turbidity, and reduction of foul taste and odor. Cost, build quality, serviceability, effective lifespan, and suitability for overlanding were also evaluated.

Testing was performed with the support of Wibby Environmental in Golden Colorado, a lab that provides proficiency-testing standards to the water treatment industry for EPA compliance.

The Fall issue of Overland Journal is available at www.overlandjournal.com or by calling (928) 777-8567.


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