Overland Journal

Facts and Figures

Overland Journal's first office was a spare bedroom…”

Overland Journal published its first issue in the Spring of 2007.

Overland Journal has grown from 96 pages to 140 pages.

Overland Journal limits advertising content to 30% in each issue, well below the industry norm. We do not accept advertising for products unrelated to our mission, and ads must conform to our design standards and philosophy.

Our equipment reviews are objective, and based on extensive field tests. Our feature tests in each issue include an editor's choice and a value award, and the products are reevaluated after a year of further service. Another category, Best of Breed, showcases only superlative products chosen by our editors.

Overland Journal's conservation stance is genuine, and an intrinsic part of our philosophy. The founders of the magazine are strong supporters of wilderness, in addition to being enthusiastic fans of vehicle-supported exploration. We publish a regular conservation column, an alternative fuel news column, and recently completed the turbodiesel conversion on our conservation project Land Cruiser FJ60, which increased horsepower while nearly doubling its fuel economy from 14 to 27 mpg, and also reduced emissions.

Overland Journal's first office was a spare bedroom converted to home office. After two years of editorial meetings, product testing and fleets of cool overlanding trucks and motorcycles rolling thorough the neighborhood the homeowners association started sending letters and eventually kicked us out. So now we have a real office and a cool shop.

Overland Journal has subscribers on six of the seven continents. (Calling anyone from McMurdo Station, Antarctica: want to help us make it seven continents? First one to contact us will receive a free one year subscription.)