Back Issues - Winter 2016



  • The Delicate Sound of Thunder: Southeast Asia, Chris Collard
  • Shovels 101, Bryon Bass
  • The Last Mirage: Mauritanian Empty Quarter, Tom Sheppard
  • Deep Freeze: First Winter Circumnavigation of Lake Baikal, Siberia, Matt Prior
  • Favorite Kit, Christophe Noel, Scott Brady, Chris Collard
  • Arctic Challenge: Ends of the Earth Winter Trek, Scott Brady


Overland Post, Editor’s Column, Field Tested, Overland News, Latitude: Alpine, Jake Blick, Overland Routes: Death Valley National Park, Chris Cordes, Overland Conservation: Healing Adventures with Team Overland, Matthew Havniear, Skills: PreFense for Travelers, Steve Tarani, Overland Chef: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Life Remotely, Classic Kit: Tents, Christophe Noel, Tail Lamp: Hollow Threats, David Priddis

On the Cover

Tom Sheppard and mates stop to consult a NASA-produced map on their way across the Empty Quarter, Africa. Photo by Tom Sheppard.