Four Wheel Campers visits Overland Journal

Over the last several days I’ve spent some time camping in the desert and driving the backroads with K.C. O’Connor, marketing director for Four Wheel Campers. We ended this portion of his trip with a visit to Overland Journal headquarters where K.C. had a chance to show off the latest iteration of the new Overland version of their camper product line to some of our staff.

K.C. O’Connor discusses the new Overland camper with Overland Journal’s Design Director, Stephanie Brady.

The Overland edition has a full compliment of features and upgrades that are tailored to the traveler who will be away from towns and developed campgrounds for extended periods, traveling self-contained with a desire to live comfortably in remote locales. Some of the features include a low-mounted water storage tank, dual Odyssey deep-cycle batteries, solar power, power management, hot water heater and shower system, and a 12VDC refrigerator (as opposed to the traditional 3-way design).

Publisher Scott Brady talks to K.C. about the new features.

L to R: Chris Marzonie, K.C. O’Connor, Scott Brady

Four Wheel Campers offers a full range of pop-up and hard-sided campers for many different trucks. For more information: (800) 242-1442