Thoughts of fall

When the June heat in Arizona keeps us simmering at a steady 105 for days on end, our thoughts turn to . . . fall, and bird hunting in Montana.

For several years now friend Mike Spies has been bugging us to join his fall bird hunting trip to central Montana. This year, we plan to do it – our first chance to join a classic uplands hunt in a stunning location. Our usual fall hunting finds us beating around the thorny, hot Sonoran Desert – wonderful in its way, but no comparison to the northern plains.

We also look forward to seeing Mike and his dogs in action – Toby, Ted, Jesse, and Tommy. An avid bird dog trials competitor (see his blog Living with Bird Dogs – a great look at an fascinating field sport), Mike is also owner of AutohomeUS, importer of fine Italian roof tents that have been profiled in Overland Journal. 

We appreciate AutohomeUS’ support of the journal as a Charter Advertiser, and of the FJ60 Conservation Project (see Spring 2008 and Summer 2008) with a lightweight and sleek Columbus Carbon tent. And we look forward to heading out in the field with Mike and the ‘boys’ for some fine shooting, dining, and tales around the campfire.