Field Dispatch, Summer 2014

If adventuring had an ideal season it would have to be the warm days of summer, and to celebrate these much revered months we have assembled one of our best issues of Overland Journal.  In this issue we follow our Editor in Chief, Chris Collard, through the jungles of Central America in an 80 Series Land Cruiser. Traversing muddy tracks on his way to visit ancient ruins, and navigating the tricky nuances of border crossings, his textured descriptions from the road make for a captivating read.

It is also with great excitement we’re able to feature an in-depth interview with explorer, John Blashford-Snell. His stories from the Darien Gap, Blue Nile and beyond are fascinating and earn him an honored placement in our Living Legend series. From his home in England, the Colonel regales Chris Collard and Bruce Dorn with stories seemingly ripped from pages of an adventure novel.

Keeping up with our technical evaluations of overlanding gear, we test several of the most trusted all-terrain tires on the market. The results will likely surprise you as they certainly shattered our long standing opinions of some of the most well respected tires in the industry. How did your favorite tire stack up?

This is one of our more visually striking issues with photographic contributions from Bruce Dorn, Scott Brady and several other master photographers. We hope the summer issue of Overland Journal inspires you to get out and make the most of the season of adventure.


Expeditions 7 Traverses Australia’s Canning Stock Route


We were four days into the Canning Stock Route, the longest unsupported overland route on the planet, when an event occurred that would become known as the “Worm Hole.” Our team was attempting the 1,800-kilometer crossing in late summer, and ours were the first tracks of the season through the 1,000-plus sand dunes that bisect Western Australia’s Great Sandy Desert. – Scott Brady


Living Legends: An Interview with John Blashford-Snell


“Would you like to see Stanley’s compass?” It was a gray, drizzly morning in southwest England. The man standing next to me opened a small wooden box, removed a weathered brass compass, and carefully handed it to me. I queried, “Henry Morton Stanley?” He replied, “Yes, this is the compass Stanley was carrying when he found Livingstone. It was a gift to me from the family.” Casting an eye around his charming home-office I noticed display cases of medals, photos of my host with dignitaries, crocodiles, and elephants, various artifacts, and maps from around the world. – Chris Collard.


Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Overland Journal’s All-terrain Tire Test


It is the most important decision any overlander can make, the selection of the proper tire. In this issue we evaluate the industry’s most popular all-terrain tires to see how they measure up. With the assistance of a professional driver, we put each tire through an intensive battery of tests. The results were unexpected and enlightening.


Overland News: Expedition Portal Launches New Website


It was ten years ago when Scott Brady had the vision to turn his travel blog into a budding business. That enterprise went on to include Overland Journal and Expedition Portal. In the years since, Expedition Portal has grown by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the largest internet resources dedicated to overland travel. Just last week, after four months of development, Expedition Portal was relaunched with a complete redesign. The new site will continue to deliver premium content relevant to the adventure traveler. Here’s to another decade of Expedition Portal.


Overland Journal’s Geländewagen Project is Reborn


It is one of the most coveted overland platforms ever built and currently celebrating its 35th anniversary. Throughout those three and a half decades, the Geländewagen has gone largely unchanged and unchallenged as the zenith of overlanding excellence. Overland Journal’s Scott Brady is currently restoring a 1996 Geländewagen, and what a beautiful machine it is. Be on the lookout for updates as this project evolves.




Overland Journal Releases Their First Commercial

The Overland Journal team seems to always have something exciting in the works. Most recently we partnered with Land Rover to build an LR4 in full overland trim. It has been an interesting project with the LR4 making appearances on various websites from Autoweek to Gear Patrol and next month it’s one of the automotive stars of an episode of Top Gear USA.

It was only natural it would be the focal point for Overland Journal’s first commercial. Shot by Overland Journal’s Creative Director, Sinuhe Xavier, it is the distillation of what overland travel represents. It is an escape from the daily grind, a return to simple pleasures. Watch the video and see if you can resist the temptation to get in your overland vehicle and push beyond the grip of the city.


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