Office and Shop Expansion at Overland Journal World Headquarters

When we’re not testing out $600 camp chairs whilst sipping on gin and tonics in the shade of our safari tent, we love to roll up our sleeves and get dirty! We here at Overland Journal are excited to be experiencing growth in the publication to the point where we are expanding into the rest of the building. This will, in effect, triple our square footage, and allow for more office space and more shop space. There will be more warehouse space to store back-issues of the journal, a clean vehicle bay for photographing and filming, open work space for the creative design team, as well as more quiet office space. There should also be plenty of room to roll out a nap-mat for that mid-afternoon siesta.

This expansion has truly been a community effort. Gavin Ferguson, long-time subscriber and Expedition Portal member, put his Construction Management degree to good use by framing, dry-walling, plastering and building wooden table and desk tops. Dave Argust of Adventure Trailers is an expert welder, and welded the bases for all our new tables and desks. Stephanie Brady, President and Designer of Overland Journal, ensured that all interior design elements were held to a high standard, as well as sanded, painted and stained the new desks and tables. Chazz Layne, our new graphics designer, enlisted his expertise in network administration by pulling cable for the new network, in addition to configuring the new phone system. Dani (Chazz’s wife) assisted with sanding, along our accountant Andre, and subscribers Rex and Carrie. We had four electric sanders going simultaneously on the day dubbed our “sanding party,” and it sounded like the drone of a hive of bees! I (the Director of Operations) had a hand in just about everything mentioned above. Each of us have definitely been wearing a lot of hats recently. And all of this on top of all our regular day-to-day duties of running a business. We had just enough time between the completion of the Spring 2011 issue and starting the Summer 2011 issue to do all of this, although it made for some very long days and weeks! Quite a journey since the humble beginnings in a guest bedroom in a single iMac (see page 12 of the Summer 2011 issue).

The hive of bees sanding party. The million-dollar desk!

I know they like to pile the work onto me - and here I'm getting crushed under the weight of important documents. All smiles after the sanding is done (for now at least...)

How many overlanders does it take to assemble a filing cabinet? El Presidente, staining away.

Motorcycles & dry-walling; we know how to have fun here! Gavin makin' tables

Everything must go!! Box-o-rama.

Head first into the powdered sugar? Nope, that's drywall plaster dust -- possibly worse than silt or bull-dust. Forward progress.

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