Memorable meals while overlanding

Aside from driving and sleeping, eating is one of the things we spend the most time doing when overlanding. So much of the time we are thinking about the new places we are going to see, and hoping to take great photographs of great vistas, flora and fauna. However I (like many people I know) enjoy taking photos of meals while traveling. I do so because many times they look absolutely beautiful–in addition to tasting wonderful–but also because it will remind me of a good memory.

On a recent trip to Baja I encountered many delicious dining experiences; two of which stand out. The first was a meal that I prepared, both with something I brought from home and items sources locally in Mexico. I made elk tacos, with an elk that I had hunted, along with ingredients I had purchased in Baja: fresh vegetables, a habanero pepper, corn tortillas and a margarita. At home I had eaten elk many times in different forms, but never as a spicy taco! The next meal that really stood out were fish tacos served to me at the restaurant Alfonsina’s in Bah­a Gonzaga. These are classic “Baja-style” fish tacos which are deep fried and served with Baja sauce along with many other toppings. The cold cerveza made for a perfect side dish. They have a lovely outside patio right on the beach which made for the perfect scenic lunch stop!

elk_tacos fish_tacos

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