Getting ready for a 3,000 mile Mexico ride

Riding a 250-cc Honda NX to Queretaro, Mexico (just north of Mexico City) will really challenge my packing and organizing skills – but I think I’m finally getting there. With an iM2400 Pelican Storm Case bolted to the rear rack, I have room for my Macbook Pro, a Canon G10, and power bricks and charging gear in a waterproof, tough and lockable carrier. The Wolfman medium Expedition Dry Duffle holds all my clothes in a cool Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder and a small Pack-It Cube (these are amazing – I wrote about them in 2008 on a safari in Kenya), plus a toilet kit, extra shoes, very light sleeping bag, and a sweater (it’s not packed full in this picture). I’ll use a dry bag on top of the Storm Case for lashing down soft items like liners or extra gloves. The Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag is perfect for my small travel purse from Overland (of course), my iPhone, and a map (in a clear holder on top). I’m also trying out the new First Gear Monarch jacket for women and their TPG Escape pants – they are fantastic so far, and I plan to really give them a workout. It’s really nice to have gear cut especially for women but tough and serious, too – and not pink! I won’t be leaving for Mexico until after Overland Expo.2010, so I’ll get to really hone the setup in the meantime. – Roseann Hanson

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