Lost World Expedition visits Overland Journal headquarters

Luis and Lacey have been on the road for about 3 months and 10,000 miles, traversing the continental United States twice in preparation for their journey to Ushuaia.  Driving a 60 series Land Cruiser with a diesel conversion, they plan on driving to the southernmost place in the Americas over the next 1-2 years.  Having no hard-set plans, they will camp as much as possible in the roof-top tent in this self-supported adventure.

Here at Overland Journal headquarters, we had the pleasure to visit with them some as they were on their way to southern California, before they head south into the Baja peninsula.  With a custom-built kitchen, Engel fridge, and a myriad of magnets, these two will have an amazing overland experience on their Expedición Mundo Perdido.


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