Overland Chef: Summer 2009 menu

The Menu:

Starters & Drinks ~ Icy cold Tecate and limes, fresh vegetables and salsa dip

Dinner ~ Tacos made from dried ground beef, on flour tortillas with black beans, squash, cheese, and cabbage

Dessert ~ Seared watermelon


Tacos (made with dried ground beef; see Summer 2009 issue for method)

Serves: 4-6 | Time: 30 minutes | Equipment: large cast iron or other type fry pan, and one large saucepan | Recipe adapted for camp by Roseann Hanson


Simmer three cups of dried meat in three cups of water, covered, for about 20 minutes (keep testing until meat is tender; you may need to add more water). While the meat is simmering, chop up a two or three cloves garlic, an onion, and several small squash or zucchini (chayote travel well) in small dice and saute in light olive oil until al dente. Add a can of black beans, season with salt and pepper. Season the meat with salt, pepper, maybe a little chipotle powder or curry for bite. Serve on warmed flour (or corn) tortillas with salsa and chopped cabbage, and if you can find it, queso seco, a dry Mexican cheese.

Seared Watermelon

I found this recipe in a magazine ages ago (possible Sunset?) and I’ve made it with varying degrees of success. The key is that the watermelon slices (rind removed) need to be sweet and very dry. Sear over a grill or on well-oiled cast iron – serve with a little honey.

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