The absent-minded Journal editor

For weeks now I’ve been plagued in my studio / office by the {highly} unpleasant aroma of something decaying . . . I had assumed it was a mouse that snuck in the open door one morning when I was airing it out, or perhaps had gotten in through some unknown hole in the roof (unlikely). We looked high and low, under and over, around and around – and we could not find the source, which seemed to come from higher up, and waft around in a frustratingly fickle manner. For at least five days it was impossible to even work there . . . I was not amused.

This morning I decided to air out the three motorcycle jackets hanging near my workbench – several from the Spring motorcycle jacket review. They seemed musty – and I didn’t like that smell either – so I took them outside, and Jonthan helped. He seemed preoccupied with one of them, the Barbour International. But he’s always preoccupied with jackets.
Just as we were concluding lunch, Jonathan said: “Um, I hope you enjoyed lunch with me today.”
“Of course! But why do you ask?”
“Um . . . it might be our last for a while.”
“Um . . . about three weeks ago I was riding home on the Royal Enfield and I found a just-roadkilled lizard . . . I thought it was a long-nosed leopard-lizard but wasn’t sure . . . so I, um, sort of put it in the pocket of my Barbour, so I could ID it when I got home . . . and, well, I forgot about it. 
“Until just now.”
Mystery solved. The Barbour jacket was hanging behind 4 other jackets, so the smell was ‘muffled’ by lots of fabric and explaining why we could not locate it. Twenty-five years together, I’m not surprised, and . . . of course, I should have guessed! 
{And yes, it was a long-nosed leopard lizard, quite lovely . . .}

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