Butler Bags customer service

When Overland Journal medical columninst Ed Beggy spied a Butler Bag in the Gear 2008 issue, you might say he fell in love right then and there. He ordered one and took it on a trip, and was dismayed to have the blue flannel lining dye turn his skin … smurf blue! Jonathan Curtis of Butler Bags quickly replaced the bag – an example of great customer service. But when the problem persisted, you might have expected a lesser company to back away . . . instead, this week Jonathan Curtis yet again stepped up to the plate, and explained to Ed that they had problems with the original flannel and have spent considerable time this past year sourcing all new flannel from North Carolina, and succeeded in producing 1000 bags with no problems – and again replaced the bag. We thought this was a great example of the type of service and quality Overland Journal looks for in the products we test and review. Butlerbags.com

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