A long-overdue expedition bicycle gets some parts

Now that my bionic knee is back in good shape, it’s way past time to finish building up the Thorn Nomad expedition bicycle frame my wife bought me too long ago.

I just put together the handlebar assembly I decided on. It’s based on a Jones H-Bar (the Titec licensed aluminum version; I couldn’t afford the $500 titanium counterpart), with Paul Thumbies and Shimano shifters, and Cane Creek brake levers to activate the CC brakes already in hand. Cork wrapping. Decent but inexpensive Alpha stem, because there’s a slight chance its rise and length won’t be ideal.

The Jones H-Bar is odd-looking, but way more comfortable than your average MTB-style handlebar. The wrist angle is much more natural, and several positions are accessible.

Jones Bikes

Next up: tires (probably Schwalbe Marathons for ultimate durability, which is what this build is all about) to go on the 36-hole Mavic XC717 rim/Shimano XT hub/DT Swiss-spoked wheels already built. Then I’ll mount the ultra-strong Thorn front and rear racks my friend Bruce bought me at the same time Roseann bought the frame.

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