Overland Expo – an industry is born

Scott Brown of Jeep summed it up for us:

[Overland Expo] brought us together with a common goal . . . conservation and responsible exploration. What a great thing! I think you could say that history was made last weekend, that this event validates  . . . that this is an industry, a lifestyle, a way of life that is growing, strong, good, and here to stay.”
Last year I stepped aside from direct development work for Overland Journal and launched a separate business, the Overland Expo, a large event exclusively for the overlanding community, with a strong emphasis on education, conservation, and inspiration. No other event focuses on that combination, including getting families and women involved in unprecedented numbers. Conservation is also a strong point, which is a passion of mine (and I remain the conservation editor for the magazine).
Check out the reports and YouTube videos on the Overland Expo website. A special thanks to Overland Journal, one of the five title sponsors, for making this happen. See you at Overland Expo.2010!

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