Lois on the Loose… with a sharpie!

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure to attend some dual-sport motorcyle training courses taught by Tom Collins and Lois Pryce at the Overland Expo in Prescott Valley, AZ.  I am very new to adventure motorcycling (and even motorcycling in general) having just purchased my very first bike less than a month ago: Suzuki DR200.  It has been the perfect bike for me to learn on, and Lois even enjoyed borrowing it a few times when teaching her classes.

I was very inspired hearing presentations by Tom, Lois and others who shared their experiences of world travel.  It was also wonderful receiving practical advice about real-world situations and being able to practice on the dirt in a closed-course.

We helped Lois to sell some of her books all weekend at the event: Lois on the Loose, and her most recent Red Tape and White Knuckles.  Of course many people were asking her to sign their copies of her book.  I asked her if she had ever signed a motorcycle, to which she answered, “no.”  So I had her sign my bike with a black permanent marker!!

Now I will proudly ride the “Lois edition” DR200 as I head out on my own adventures.    =)

Photos by Bruce Douglas and Chuck Nordstrom

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