First adventure motorcycle ride

On Saturday I finally got out on my first real, long (for me) adventure ride with friends Brian (goodtimes) and Bruce (DesertDouglas). What a great day -

We started out at our house southwest of Tucson, in the Sierrita Mountains, and headed south around Stevens Mountain, crossed Caballo Loco Road, and then hooked up with San Juan Ranch Road (or Ryan Ranch Road, depending on which map you use), which took us all the way to Arivaca Road through gorgeous ranch country. Brian and Bruce were nice enough to slow wayyyyy down for this newbie, who tends to do everything at one speed – slow and steady. At least I didn’t crash!

We had a break at San Juan Ranch, a beautiful historic but abandoned ranch house, though there is a huge mesquite corral, which still is home to a nice herd of ranch horses. The Marley Cattle Company still runs this region, and they use traditional roundup methods – horses. Our iron horses met up with some of the real deal – it was fun. We were met in Arivaca by Jonathan, on his beautifully restored Triumph Trophy . . . no dirt for him! A great lunch, then back home via Arivaca Road and Highway 286 (boy, I’m still not comfortable on pavement – I much prefer the dirt!). Bruce had his first flat in many miles – mystery puncture for sure, as they never did find what did it.

The three guys got it repaired in short order, especially thanks to Brian’s tools and expertise. A great first ride guys – thank you!

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