A long-term test vehicle for Overland Journal

We recently received the first of three (stay tuned) long-term test vehicles we’ll be adding to the Overland Journal fleet in the next month. This one would fit under the conservation vehicle sub-heading, since you’ll never visit a gas station while riding it:


It’s a Montague Paratrooper, a mountain bike that folds to half its normal size in about a minute, and stores where no normal bike will. It drops neatly into most hard-shell roof cases, for example.

Once assembled – fold over the frame and lock the quick-release, then insert the front wheel; done – it feels just like any normal mountain bike. I haven’t been able to induce any untoward flex, and it rides, shifts (via Sram components), brakes, and handles very well. We took it to the Overland Expo, where it served as daily cross-event transportation for me, Lois Pryce, and several other people. Everyone who rode it was impressed. There’ll be a full report in the magazine soon, but for now, if you’ve always wanted to have a bike along on trips but hated the awkwardness of transporting it on a hitch or roof carrier, take a look at the Montague line.

Montague Bicycles

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