Perfect first adventure bike

Growing up in rural southern Arizona, I had use of our family’s little Honda Trail 90, and it provided endless hours of freedom for me and my friends (my best friend also had a little motorcycle – I wish I could remember what it was, maybe a Husquavarna). I have fantastic memories of that bike.

So when it came time to buy an adventure bike for the Overland Expo coming up this month, for Lois Pryce and others to use in the demo courses, I sought the help of friend and Overland Journal contributor Bruce Douglas, who really knows his way around bikes. He suggested looking for what he called a ‘baby TransAlp,’ a Honda NX250. And luck would have it that within a few weeks I found a pretty nice one within a few hours of home.

This bike is a 1989 but it was way ahead of its time. More popular in Europe, it didn’t really catch on here. It’s a liquid-cooled 6-speed, with a nice little fairing, and very comfortable suspension and seat – and light, at only 280 pounds wet. I hadn’t ridden in 30-plus years, but within a day I was taking this little bike all over the 4WD trails around home – even some pretty tough trails. The freedom of motorcycling came back in a rush, and Jonathan is often wondering where I am now . . . 

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