New shop for Overland Journal

Over the past several weeks, we at Overland Journal (along with some volunteer help) have been working hard to move into our new office/shop.  It is approximately 300 sq ft of office space, and 1200 sq ft of garage with a 12ft roll-up door.  A huge thanks to Chris, Nathan, Christophe and Ralph for a long day of hard work moving everything over to the new shop.  We moved approximately 500 boxes of magazines that day.  Weighing in at 27 lbs each, that is a total of 13,500 lbs — or the equivalent of an Earthroamer XV-LT.  In addition we moved a few thousand pounds of miscellaneous vehicle & adventure gear.  There have been countless trips moving over the remaining office furniture and other miscellaneous garage items.  More news to come in the upcoming months on how this progresses.

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