Fabled Islands of the Indian Ocean 2

Fabled Islands 2

April 8, 2009

Today I awoke at my usual 5 AM. Even though I am pretty seriously jet-lagged, my internal clock woke me at my usual time…imagine that!

I laid in bed for a while, then got up to enjoy a beautiful sunrise as we were passing between small islands on our way to Praslin. The ship and room is air-conditioned, and the outside air was hot and humid. The difference is so significant that even at 6 AM my camera lens fogged up for 10 minutes or so before it dissipated enough to use.

After wandering about exploring the ship I enjoyed a great breakfast before resuming my shipboard wanderings, glassing the islands that we passed, taking photos here and there.

We had our watersports briefing this morning, with intros to the Zodiacs, the inflatable kayaks, and snorkeling protocols. Snorkeling equipment was distributed to all who wanted to participate, then it was off by Zodiac to the sandy shore of Anse Lazio.

We spent just an hour or so on shore then headed back to the ship for lunch.

After lunch it was time for the scuba divers to meet and review the dive rules and plan. The location today was about a mile & a half off our starboard beam (how’s that for salty, nautical talk?), a small rocky pinnacle with a lone tree on top. We easily reached it in two of the zodiacs. We had a total of six divers and 3 divemasters, an excellent ratio!

After a backward roll entry off the sides of the zodiacs we split into two groups and began our exploration around the offshore “pinnacle.” There was not much in the way of a reef, but we did see a white-tipped reef shark resting on the bottom. Unfortunately, the current carried us a little too close and it scooted off.

Other reef fish spotted included unicorn fish, blowfish, lots of sea slugs and cucumbers, and a wide variety of smaller fish of all different sizes and shapes! Not the greatest of dive site, but not a bad reintroduction after not diving for a few years.


Yours truly!


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