Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 9-10, DAY 27, 28

The main road from Esteli to Leon was CRAZY. Full of HUGE potholes. Some of them, you could lose your vehicle in, they were so big. 


Could see several smoking volcanos off in the distance. One of the volcanos had a smoke port in the side of the mountain. 


Landscape is very arid and dry. Temperature keep creeping up and up, until it was at 100 degrees, by far the hottest we’ve experienced thus far on our trip. 


Came into Leon. Typical nicer town, with colorful buildings and narrow cobblestone streets. About 7 pm Scott and I walked into town. There is a university in Leon, so there were a lot of kids out and about, riding bikes, hanging out, playing hand-ball, goofing off at the square. Found a little restaurant on the square that was totally open to the outside. Sat in one of the tables overlooking the square and had dinner. After dinner, we walked to the ice cream shop. Got a cookie sundae and sat at the tables overlooking the street. Watched the people go by and contemplated how our lives are vastly different from theirs, but also very much the same. 



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