Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 7, DAY 25

Honduras is really pretty. Green, mountainous. We camped near Lago de Yojoa. It was nice. Area all around has huge trees with moss hanging from each branch, flowering tropical vegetation, swampy with little colorful boats in the water, people at the road side stands are selling fish. The vegetation reminds me of Hawaii. 


The road construction zone became a free for all. People driving like crazy all over the place. At one point, the road was down to one lane. Normally, the flag guys would communicate and allow one side to go through at a time. NORMALLY… In this case, our one lane of traffic met the oncoming lane of traffic on the one lane of available road. Thankfully our lane of traffic had two semis in front, so the oncoming traffic relented and drove off the road to wait until we all passed. 


Went to a grocery story for supplies for dinner. Loud dance music with a DJ at the front of the grocery store. Inside the music was blasting. So much so, that unless you were directly facing each other you couldn’t hear each other talking. 


Took an overland route to Valle de Angeles. Really pretty mountain route. Trees, like in prescott, but interspersed with fields of crops. 


We passed two motorcyclists on the dirt road we were one. The first one did the jaw-open, neck breaker stare as he passed us, then actually stopped in the road behind us to watch us go by. The second motorcyclist drove by us, but didn’t see that the first guy has stopped horizontal across the road. He totally t-boned him and they both fell over. Thankfully neither was hurt. 


Camp spot was very nice. Looked and smelled like Prescott, so I kinda felt at home. Got in about 5pm. Had appetizers, then me, Stacey, and Tam made what everyone agreed was the best meal we’ve had in about a week. We had pasta with meat sauce, garlic bread, and a beautiful salad. It was beyond good.  


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