Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 6, DAY 24

Went to the Copan ruins today. We took a guided tour provided by a man named Saul. He was great. Very fun and personable. A musician at heart, so kept making silly references to songs and singing. For me, what set these ruins apart from the other ruins we’ve seen on this trip was the intricate carvings in the stone. Plus, hearing the history of the ruins, people, and culture as we walked along was an added benefit. 



After we walked around the ruins, Scott and I took a tuc-tuc into town. Worked okay on the dirt or paved road, but was REALLY bumpy on the cobblestone. The guy dropped us off at a coffee shop at the center of town. We were all excited to get fu-fu coffee (mocha, flavors, whip-cream – a daily ritual at home, but harder to come by in a third-world country), but the power in the town was off (seriously, the whole town), so no coffee for us. Oh well, the tuc-tuc ride was fun anyway.  


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