Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 4, DAY 22

Drove to a place called Brunos. A nice place on the water with a large marina with many boats. Brunos had rooms you can stay in or you can camp in their parking lot. There were many foreigners – Canadians, Americans, Germans, French, etc.  All the foreigners, who had mostly come by sea, seemed amazed that we came by land and were interested to hear our story and see our vehicles. Brunos had a very relaxing, but transitory air to it, like everyone was meeting, resupplying, telling their stories, and passing through. 


Had lunch outdoors by the marina. While at lunch, we removed tick from Charlie’s arm, a souvenir from the time we spent in the jungle.


While the boys sat outside by the marina to work, Me, Stacey, and Tammy walked to town. When we drove through on the way to Brunos, there seemed to be a lot of little vendors on the side of the road, but once we actually were there walking around, there really was nothing of much interest. Lots of food vendors, knock off or seconds clothing items (Hollister, A&F, Adidas, etc), produce, even bras. At one of the shops, I was taking pictures of the produce, tea, candles, etc and one of the teenagers working in the shop started goofing-off for the camera. I snapped a few shots of him, then he wanted to take a picture of him and a girl he clearly had a crush on. It was cute. Showed the pictures to him and his family. They got a real kick out of it. 



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