Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 22, DAY 40

The big event for the day was crossing our seventh and final boarder into Panama. We ended up at the boarder a little later than we anticipated, about 4:30 pm (thankfully, it was open until 8 pm, or we might have been spending the night there). The boarder crossing was pretty uneventful, except the lady who wanted the “convenience fee” of $50 to let Dave bring two vehicles in to Panama (his son was driving one, but they were both in his name). We decided to go ahead and pay the extortion to save us from possibly having to come back the next day when the notary was open. The no-mans land between Costa Rica and Panama was a duty free zone, and was full of people shopping, buses, dogs, dirt, and the typical boarder chaos. We cleared the boarder in a few hours and had a beautiful sunset in our rear view mirror as we pulled away. 



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