Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 2-3, DAY 20, 21


Me, Stacey, and Tam took a taxi (toyota corolla) to Flores Island to shop while the boys were getting the trucks all cleaned up from the mud from the jungle (not an easy task, I assure you). The island had colorful buildings and narrow streets. We made our way up and down and in and out of the shops enjoying finding treasures. 



The guys came to pick us up and we drove to Chaltunha (means “white stones in crystal water”) across the water from Isla Flores. Chaltunha was great. The owner, Neil, a Belizian, was very hospitable and personable. His place has six bungalows, and a camping area, and bathroom and shower facilities among the flowering orange trees (the scent of orange blossoms was intoxicating). Neil has a deck/dining area that overlooks Isla Flores and the water. Neil’s place is stunningly beautiful, I think made even better because how great he was at taking care of us. 

We were scheduled to have dinner at 8pm, so to fill our time until then, Neil offered to take us on a boat ride around the peninsula. Everyone piled in the back of his truck and he drove us down to the water. We boarded Neil’s ponga and set off. The sun was just beginning to set, so all the colors on the island were just positively glowing. The boat ride was really peaceful and relaxing. At one point, Neil said, “Everyone move forward” and we had to move toward the front of the boat to balance the weight so we could get through an especially shallow portion of the water. While doing this we surprised two men who had come down to bathe. Awkward! We watched the sun set while on the water, then headed back. 

Dinner was served out on the deck overlooking the now lit-up city. It was stunning. After the delicious dinner, we were served lemon meringue for dessert. I don’t like lemon but this pie was scrumptious and still warm from the oven. 


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