Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 19-21, DAY 37-39

Upon recommendation from Dave Harrington, owner of American Expedition Vehicles, we took a route over to the Rafiki Lodge, which is situated above Silencio on 800 acres of pristine Costa Rican jungle. The main lodge is a gorgeous open air, thatched roof building overlooking a pool and acres of hills covered in lush vegetation. The rooms are large African safari tents that sleep 4 (in beds) each with its own deck and fully working (and spacious) bathroom. 


We arrived to “welcome drinks” and a very nice lunch. Soon we had our bathing suits on and had a raging competition going to see who could reach the pool the fastest via the water slide. Billed as the second fastest water slide in the world, you depart from the lodges bar (not kidding) to drop 100 feet via a concrete half pipe to the kidney shaped pool below. Originally, we thought, “the second fastest water slide in the world, yeah right.” But they weren’t kidding. We howled with laughter as one after another we plummeted down the water slide at record breaking speeds, crashing into the water below with enough force to displace gallons of water from the pool (the grass around the pool is very green). Charlie was the winner of our little competition with a lightening fast 3.5 second descent.     


We spent the next few days exploring the area. We rode horses and in vehicles, hiked, white water rafted and talked conservation with Loejie, a biologist and the lodges owner, who is working on Tapir reintroduction. We experienced the rich diversity of the Costa Rican jungle, from massive chicken trees and spiny ferns to cutter ants, poison dart frogs, huge red-faced iguanas and jesus christ lizards (the have special air pockets on their feet which allow them to walk on water). 


The owners and staff of Rafiki were very pleasant and helpful. They provided exceptional service and great food. If you ever find yourself on the pacific cost of Costa Rica, and in need of a place to stay (you can camp there too) I highly recommend it. It is a first class destination. 


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