Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 17-18, DAY 35-36

Ended up at Lake Arenal. The lake and surrounding area are extremely beautiful. Reminded me of a cross between Hawaii and Santa Barbara, California. 


On our way out the next day, we came across a cute little animal on the side of the road. Kinda looked like a slender raccoon. When we came around another corner the animals were everywhere. Probably about 2 dozen of them. We pulled over to get pictures. They ran right up to the truck. James and Stacey threw nuts out the window and were absolutely mobbed by them. Found out later the animals are called Coati’s. 

You have to have a little fun while your on expedition. After all, an adventurer can’t spend ALL their time exploring. Every once in a while you just need to get out of the truck. That’s what we did today with a little help from a canopy tour company. 


The guides suited us up with hard hats, gloves, and a harness. A quick lesson about slowing down and where not to put your hands and we were off. The tour was through the jungle canopy, so we began by climbing up, up, up a huge tree to the first line (I did question my sanity a little bit about 3/4 of the way up). Once we were comfortable zipping down the lines through the trees about a million feet from the ground, the guides decided it was time to mix things up. On the fifth zip line, the guide flipped each of us over so we were hanging by our waist in the harness and pushed us off the platform. The trees were a blur as we flew over the top of them face down (I wasn’t the only one who alternated between screams and laughter). On the tenth line (a particularly long one, that has you barely clearing the bottom of a large tree limb) the guides bounced the line after they sent each of us off and we bounced wildly up and down as we slide down the line. On the last tree stand there was a whole bunch of monkeys and monkey babies in the tree by the line. We also saw a large iguana. All too soon our tour was complete, and we came screaming into the station. 



Hmmm, after further thought…we were flying OVER the land, so maybe it was overlanding. Regardless it was a grand adventure. 


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